The Application Presentation

How our application is working ?

- OCPP Open Charge Point Protocol (ISO 15118 ): Defines the way to charge from the EV to the CSO (Charging Station Operator).
- OSCP Open Smart Charging Protocol: Connection from CSO to DSO (Distribution System Operator) i.e. Smart City and Grid providers.
- The version OCPP 2.0 will be the basis for the new IEC 63110 standard "Protocol for Management of Electric Vehicles charging and discharging infrastructures“

How about Security and Billing ?

We have 3 ways to identify Users: By RFID Badge Authentication, With Plate OCR Recognition and third, by exchanging Certificates between cars and Providers.
- The OCPP, as of version 2.0 which is currently being specified within the OCA, will incorporate the necessary data structures and messages needed to transmit ISO 15118 related paramerters between EVSE (charging station) and IT backend.
- Those messages are for example needed to transmit SalesTariff data, X.509 certificates and cryptographic key material.
- ISO 15118 will become the next Standard Generation of identification using PKI (Public Key Infrastructure Certificates) and HTTPS.
- Used medias could be the cable, the application or the car itself remotely. Will be adopted soon by Car industry.